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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

I thought I'd share with you some of the lovely reviews my clients have been leaving me on my Google Business, and Facebook page recently. I put a huge emphasis on making sure my clients have a great experience when purchasing my art, as I know how personal and special buying art should be.

The nature of my business means each purchase is considered; a lot of back and fourth discussions are made between patron and artist, and basically i'll do my god damn best to make sure that my clients are happy with their decision. So its been really rewarding to receive such positive and happy feedback. Makes what I do worth it!

The following review was left on my Google business page by a couple who live in Amsterdam, they commissioned me to make the Grey Heron, who's name is Hans (See pic below):

"Lily is an incredible artist, not just for the art she produces but also in terms of how accomodating she is as a person.
We ordered a custom piece by Lily, not only was she very helpful with her suggestions, the finished art piece blew us away and will definitely stay with us through the years. Furthermore she helped with offering multiple options for payment and even delivered the (enormous) final piece by herself at the train station.
For anyone contemplating a piece of art by Lily I can only say do it, you wont be disappointed!'"

The next review was left by a lady from Belgium, who originally bought one of my first portfolio pieces: The Blue Crowned Mot Mot, named Oscar. When she got him home she decided she had to give Oscar a companion- and so did the makings of Diego commence (See pictures of Oscar and Diego below):

"I loved Lily's work from the moment I saw it. It combines so masterfully two of my passions, birds and textiles!
I first purchased from her a beautiful mot-mot in blues and greens and oranges and gold, elegantly framed in a perfect square. It looked wonderful in my new flat in Brussels, so I decided to commission a pair for it. After explaining what I wanted and giving her some background (childhood in Brazil, photos of the place where I would hang it, likes and dislikes), Lily proposed several options and produced a stunning hummingbird. It was exactly what I wanted.
I love looking at the variety of fabrics she chooses to represent feathers , duvet, different textures and colours, and how she holds them all together with delicate embroidery (I embroider myself, so I can tell Lily's craftsmanship is superb).
The two birds face one another in my living-room and fill it with a light grace: Lily's work brings beauty, joy, elegance and definitely a lot of magic. I love it."

She requested the second piece to mirror Oscar, and so I sought to find a Hummingbird (native to South America) with tail feathers as long and fabulous as his. When I completed Diego (bird on the left) I photoshopped him into Oscar's frame to show her how they mirrored each other before sending her the piece.

The next review was left on my Facebook page by a lady who now lives in Thailand. This piece was a special gift to her son, who spent the first few years of his life in the United Arab Emirates. The national bird there is The Peregrine Falcon- his favourite. I named this Arabic Bird of Prey: Abu (See picture below).

"I commissioned Lily Adèle to create what I hoped would become a family heirloom someday. my son's favourite bird is a Peregrine Falcon from his time spent in the UAE and since I cannot pass down jewelry I decided art is the perfect replacement as something sentimental, unique and valuable. From the moment I first saw Lily's work I knew that I had to have a bird and she did not disappoint!
Lily involved me throughout her process through frequent communication and updates. She was able to provide me with accurate quotes and delivery options and I could not be more pleased with the incredible artwork that I can proudly pass onto my son. I would highly recommend Lily Adéle and I am already dreaming of my next bird!"

Lastly (for today) this review was left on my Google business page by a daughter who decided the ultimate gift for her mother's Birthday, would be a little reminder of her magical years spent in the African bush- this reminder was the colourful Lilac-Breasted Roller who I named Islay:

"We first saw Lily's beautiful artwork on Facebook and Instagram. Our parents, originally from South Africa, have always loved birds and so it seemed like the perfect present for them. We could not decide which bird to go for but Lily made some brilliant suggestions and worked with us to come up with a bird that would bring back amazing memories for our parents, as well as being the appropriate size.
The whole way through the process, including through decisions around framing and delivery, Lily sent us updates with pictures and questions to make sure it was turning out exactly how we had pictured it.
The bird (a lilac-breasted roller in flight) was even more beautiful in 'real-life' and the look on my parents' faces when they opened it was priceless. The detail in the bird is amazing, with such vibrant colours and incredible textures - it is clear to see the time and care that was put into making him. We cannot recommend Lily Adele Art highly enough and are already thinking about what bird we might commission as a present for someone else in the family!"

So there you have it, some happy clients- and a very happy Lily! I don't know how to explain the feeling other than when you slave in the kitchen for hours over a particularly tricky meal, and it pays off because you've not only filled some hungry bellies, but you know you've made them real happy too!

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