Prepping for Launch Day

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

How and when I decided to take my art live.

I decided to leave the rat race of London a little under a year ago, and pursue my dream of being a self employed artist. I had done the odd commission here and there whilst working at an Interior Design Studio, but it was time to dedicate my life to what I loved best: making textile bird art- niche I know!

I had big dreams but no idea how or where to start. I had moments of feeling incredibly overwhelmed by how insurmountable it all seemed.

The best advice I was given was to stop dreaming of my end goal but rather think what I could do NOW to get a step closer. So I decided to focus on baby steps, be patient, and only go live once I was ready to show the world my glass art creations under the best possible light.

Here’s a how I did it:

  1. Built up a portfolio of work I was proud of.

  2. Swapped a piece of art work for a knock out photoshoot (I couldn't afford to pay for one).

  3. Collect a years worth of eye catching, and engaging imagery to post on social media.

  4. Invite friends and family to an 'exclusive' private view/exhibition.

  5. And eventually, have the confidence to go live on social media.

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