Working with Glass

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

The pros and cons of using glass as my canvas.

One of the most unique aspects of my art is that I work straight onto glass. When I started off I wanted my birds to be suspended in a medium people associate with as being precious. Like birds and nature are to me, I wanted it to feel the same to others. If you think about it, so many precious things are housed behind glass: jewellery, sculptures, museum artefacts etc. What I didn't realise was how difficult this was going to be to photograph.

Photograph my birds on a white wall... and it looks as if my birds have been made onto a white canvas. Bounce reflections off the glass to recreate the illusion ... and the reflections become too strong and hide the bird. These are all things I have battled with. My favourite shots of my work are ones like the image above, however some people find them confusing and are puzzled to what exactly they are looking at.

So I thought, maybe if I stack them, people will see how my birds float in their frames. This picture got the most likes on one picture I have got to date, so I think the tactic must have worked. Yet I still found this image a little clinical, and didn't yet encompass how they look and feel in the flesh!

So I set out to film a Lily Adele Art video. Watch the video on my homepage now. I think I finally cracked it, and found a way to show you how it looks and feels in the flesh, but through the lens of a camera. I can't wait to film more like this!

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